Hospital Bag: Everything you need for your baby

Hurah! The time has finally come for me to pack my little one’s hospital bag.

Today I am officially 35 weeks and 4 days pregnant with our first baby. I have been umming and ahing about finally getting around to packing his bag, a part of me thinks it’s because packing his bag makes it all the more real and scary! I think packing your hospital bag is such a fun task to do – especially if you involve your husband or partner as it makes the arrival of your newborn that much more exciting and real. It’s also a great way for your partner to bond with the baby before he or she arrives as they won’t have felt all of those kicks and jabs that you have been feeling up until now. 

Finally packing my hospital bag!

I LOVE to be organised and packing a hospital bag is certainly a daunting task since you can easily forget something, which is the last thing you want to think about when going into labour! Therefore, I recommend to all you mamas out there to make a list of all of the things that you have packed in your hospital bag and simply place it next to your bag. That way you won’t have to go through all of your wonderful and neat folding to remember what you had packed a month ago! 😉 This also just makes it super easy to mentally feel ready and at peace with one of the many things you have to prepare for in this last month or two! 

And remember to add to your list if you add anything else to your bag! 

Now, each hospital normally sends you a list with what the Mother and baby need since the hospital may not provide those on the day. If your hospital hasn’t yet given you a list or at least a general outline of some of the things you should be bringing, be sure to ask at your next appointment. It’s great to follow tips from other Mama’s but it’s pointless to follow lists if your hospital provides many of the things they are recommending! Plus it just saves you a lot of money and time. Saying that, some of the things my hospital told me to bring I think are totally unnecessary (even for a first time mama!) and I will get to these in my post. Here are the things that my hospital told me to bring: 

  1. Wet Wipes
  2. 30 nappies
  3. Changing mat 
  4. Blanket 
  5. 5 outfits 
  6. Hat 

Now even I’ll admit that I was surprised at how little my hospital list was upon first glance. Now the truth is that you don’t really need a great ton of things. I’m emphasising on “really need” there simply because in reality we are going to bring those cute muslin cloths that Emily got you at your babyshower and don’t tell me you’re leaving that adorable one piece at home that Grandma got for him? Below are the things I have packed in my hospital bag for my little one. 

First of all, you will need to decide on what kind of bag you would like to invest in, I am in the process of writing a separate post on my top tips for choosing versatile hospital bags to save you a bunch of money whilst looking super cute. 

Let’s get the essentials out of the way! 

1. Diapers

A lot of hospitals do provide these so please check beforehand! Although it may be useful to pack a handful (I’m sure you’ve got plenty at home!) just in case you spend longer than originally anticipated in the hospital. I use DoDot simply because where I live it is the best product and there is very little price different compared to the other diapers on the market here. As with most modern diaper brands (Huggies, too), DoDot has a line that changes colour to indicate when the diaper is wet so Mama or Papa don’t have to disturb the baby to check.

2. Diaper cream

Again, a lot of hospitals may provide this – but this is definitely not something I don’t want to risk or even have a lack of! 

3. Wet wipes

Definitely a staple piece to have in your little ones hospital bag! For obvious reasons you will need these and even for Mama and Papa if you want to freshen up a little and haven’t been able to shower right after birth. Trust me you’ll be thanking me during the first car journey home when these will come in handy! 

4. Changing mat

My hospital requested that I bring my own changing mat – a part of me wonders if this could be a sanitary measure with the current COVID-19 pandemic? I´m not sure but I won’t be taking my chances and I’m more than happy to take one if it means better cleanliness. I’m already thinking about buying a different changing mat simply because looking back I was so ignorant and naive when I purchased this one (look out for a blog post on this topic!).

5. Four outfits

I’ve packed three newborn sized bodies and one 1 – 2 month body just in case he is a little on the larger side (his scans definitely paint that picture!). All of the bottoms are 1 – 2 months since I don’t think it’s worth spending money on newborn clothing – they’re going to grow out of those things!! I’ve also packed three pairs of socks since not all of the bottoms have closed feet. 

6. Blanket

This is quite an obvious one, particularly if you are giving birth during those colder winter months. I’m due on the first of November and we have very chilly mornings and evenings here. If the baby doesn’t use this, I’m planning to put this over me!! 

7. Muslin Cloths

Right after birth, babies love to be swaddled. It’s natural instinct to them – after all they have been cramped in your belly which is the safest place they know. Naturally, babies want to recreate that same sense of security and feeling that they felt inside of the womb. I’m packing two muslin cloths and I’ll admit it – one is definitely for the cute photographs! 

8. Dummies

Quite a touchy and sensitive topic here! I know many Mama’s are against the use of dummies but nowadays they’re definitely being used a lot more. Dummies have definitely come a long way since I was little; I know my Mother didn’t like to use them on me since they were known for giving buck teeth! Now that certainly isn’t the case anymore and they are definitely something that I am willing to try with my baby to see if he likes them. 

Tip: Don’t forget to bring a case (and don’t be one of those Mum’s that buys a case JUST for this! Use a tupperware out of your kitchen cupboard!!) since there are so many germs lurking in the hospital, especially during a pandemic. 

9. Onsiesie

Now this is definitely not a must-have item on your list to pack. I couldn’t resist packing this adorable patagonia snowsuit that was gifted from my parents-in-law. Now if you do want to bring a warmer onesie if you are giving birth during the winter months, make sure you check out h&m because they are super cute and so inexpensive!! 

10. Teddy

This is definitely more of a sentimental item for me, particularly because the day I was born my Mother gifted me a teddy bear and I took her everywhere with me and I still have her up until this very day. There is something so wonderful and comforting knowing that it was from the day I was born and I wanted to do that for my son. I think it would be a great idea to take photos at every milestone with him next to his teddy to see how he’s grown!! 

Now I will be packing a hat and a pair of mittens, but I haven’t managed to go out and get these yet! 

On a final note, I just want to say to all new mothers out there – please please know that you don’t have to spend a TON of money on these things. In fact, the majority of things that you need to buy for your baby do NOT have to cost a lot of money. Sure we have nice items (patagonia onesie and beautiful muslin cloths) that were gifted to us but for the rest, we have used hand-me-downs and all major items (car seat/ crib) have been all discounted. I will definitely be writing a post about this because it is something that I feel so strongly about. 

Now you’ve packed your baby’s hospital bag – you better get started on yours soon! I’ve posted about tips and tricks that I learned after I gave birth to help you out!

Remember, you got this Mama! 

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