UPDATE: I wrote this before giving birth and I am now looking back at this post with my face beaming! The other day we wore matching sailor themed outfits with our bandanas and David shot these photos in Jack’s room when we were messing around and being silly! I have to add these photos – he’s already three months today!!! (I know it’s what every new Mum says but he is the most precious thing). Looking back, it was so nice to have some of the comforts that I packed (tea, cosy socks, slippers) in my bag and after spending a night in the hospital it felt good to have a face wash and my face oil to feel hydrated.

I just can’t believe it’s finally time to pack my hospital bag and put it by the front door! I mean, maybe I am packing it a little early (I’ve just turned 36 weeks today) but hey, I’m feeling good about it! Now that I’ve finally got around to packing my hospital bag and my little one’s bag too, I can start to actually plan life after he comes home from the hospital. This basically includes going wild at my local supermarket and stockpiling loo roll (and not just for the COVID pandemic!) and cooking my favourite moussaka and freezing it for those long days ahead. 

That being said, there are three things that you definitely need and you need them on hand (i.e. in an easy fool-proof place for your husband to find if necessary). Those are: 

I have decided to go relatively simple and take the somewhat minimalist route. I say somewhat since I clearly have packed some items that are far from essential. That being said, I genuinely believe that I will use each item and most importantly, I genuinely think that they will help keep me calm during the birthing process.




Those are all of the things that I’ve packed in my bag, I’ve left a few items out since I will be using them beforehand (on the day I will be taking my phone charger and a flask for water) I’m still debating whether I’ll actually be taking my pregnancy pillow along with me to the hospital just because I feel that it’s a pain to carry it around and with the COVID-19 pandemic, it just seems like something that will get dirty and germs on so easily. I’m so excited about giving birth that I’m no longer nervous or scared… I just want to meet my son so badly. David and I can’t stop talking about what he will look like, will he look like him more or me? What will his personality be like? I just can’t wait!!!

Keep you posted!


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